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We focus on leadership training and coaching. Our programs are based on extensive research, combining the results from over 3,000 studies. We adopted only those leadership practices that deliver outstanding performance improvements in individuals and teams alike. You can count on us to deliver measurable results, and pragmatic insights.




You may be surprised to learn that nearly 80% of ALL mergers and alliances are financial failures, that do not earn back their original investments. These financial failures are rooted in the treatment of the "Human Factors". We have found that the 80% failure rate can be turned on its head by addressing 4 key issues: lead Side by Side, reestablish a joint organization-wide strategy, establish cross-organizational cooperation and collaboration, and successfully complete joint projects generating revenues within 18 months of the merger announcement.


Side By Side, Inc. has built a Structured Synergy® frame work designed to drive 60% to 80% M&A success. The program is deeply rooted in both Side by Side Leadership® skills and the application of Structured Teamwork®. We encourage you to learn more about all three topics.





"Side By Side Leadership unlocks, the flow of talent and productivity. Dennis Romig uses solid data and current multifaceted research to transform 'soft' leadership skills into no-nonsense formulas."

Bev Powell, Mgr Tech Transfer and Performance Solutions,

Intel Corp


"A very strong presentation of the skills needed to achieve better moral, higher performance, and more effective leadership. Highly recommended for any current or aspiring leader in any organization"

Bob Watt, President and CEO,

Seattle Chamber of Commerce 


"Side By Side Leadership was used constantly to have the Houston Astros' Stadium be the one publicly funded sports arena to be completed on time and on budget."

Jim Jard, Board Member,

Houston Sports Authority


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"... the undisputed formula for success"

".. transform 'soft' leadership skills into no-nonsense formulas"

"... achieve better morale, higher performance, and more effective leadership"

"... practical digest of useful ideas, principles, and strategies"