Laurie Romig

Laurie Romig is the President of Side by Side, Inc., an Austin, Texas based training and consulting firm specializing in Side by Side Leadership®, Structured Teamwork®, and increasing organizational performance. It's current emphasis is on building leadership capabilities throughout organizations.


Laurie leads Curriculum Development and Project Management using a research base and past experience to develop the Line Team and Knowledge Team Structured Teamwork guides, and the Sponsoring Breakthrough Teams, and Coaching to Empowerment courses. Latest achievements include Side by Side Leadership, Side by Side Team Leadership®, and Side by Side Organizational Leadership® workshops.


Laurie has over 20 years experience training teams and helping organizations change their cultures. She assisted these transitions with organizational development interventions, particularly helping organizations develop their visions, missions, strategic goals, and create organizational alignment. Laurie received her BS degree in Education and Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Dell Computer Corporation, Austin, Texas
Facilitated the development of the Transaction Group Finance planning process, which became the planning process model for all of Dell. The model captured critical sources, data, decision points and deliverables. The planning process changed from reactive to strategic.


Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Austin, Texas
Customized, piloted, and managed line and knowledge worker Structured Teamwork training, Sponsoring High Performance Teams, and Coaching to Empowerment courses. Facilitated meetings such as assessment meetings and module meetings. Assisted in developing and training facilitators for annual alignment meetings.


Texas Instruments Portugal
Lead consultant/trainer for Texas Instrument's empowerment initiative in their Portugal plant. Facilitated the management team's development of the TI Portugal Vision, Mission, goals and strategies. Trained Structured Teamwork facilitators and piloted two teams using the Structured Teamwork methodology. The plant won the Portugal quality award.


Master Facilitator Certification
Presents Master Facilitator Certification for all Side by Side Leadership Certification workshops, and Team Development Certification Workshops.